Insolvent Liquidation

Insolvent Liquidations despite the best efforts of the company, its shareholders and directors, sometimes the only course of action – and the correct one open to the stakeholders – is for a company to cease trading and enter liquidation.

We can:

  • Act as liquidator as either the company nominee or on behalf of a creditor.
  • Assist directors meet their statutory obligations.
  • Assist in the preparation of a Statement of Affairs and supplementary information for presentation to creditors.
  • Represent creditors at winding-up meetings.
  • Advise directors in relation to defending restriction / disqualification proceedings.
  • We can assist creditors in connection with retention of title claims in certain instances.
  • Assist the insolvent company through its directors or shareholders to petition the High Court to wind up the company by means of a compulsory winding up. This option may also be utilised by creditors.

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