The objective of a Receivership is to enable a bank, financial institution or other secured lender to appoint an agent (known as a Receiver or Receiver & Manager) who will take control of and realise the secured assets of a company or individual in order to discharge the debt due to the secured creditor.

The powers of a Receiver are limited by the terms the security but usually provide for him to continue to trade in order to preserve the value of the asset(s) under his control.

Russell Brennan Keane Corporate Recovery & Restructuring Team have acted as Receiver and been involved in many significant and testing receivership assignments in the property, retail and manufacturing sectors in recent times.

What we can do:

  • Accept nominations to act as Receiver / Receiver & Manager.
  • Undertake independent viability reviews of borrowers/creditors on behalf of secured lenders.
  • Propose recovery strategies for secured creditors in order to maximise the return on their security.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of our team