Russell Brennan Keane


In 2007 the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs launched the initiative for establishing a non statutory Code of Good Practice for fundraising. Following consultation with, professionals and donors, A Statement of ‘Guiding Principles' was developed to promote best practice in fundraising and is accepted as the Code of Best Practice for Fundraising.

Key Aspects of the Guiding Principles 

Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations are encouraged to adopt the Guiding Principles in order to implement best practice in all aspects of their fundraising. The aim is to promote high standards throughout the industry.

Who is the statement of fundraising principles for?

  • Fundraising practitioners,
  • Charity boards, trustees and senior management,
  • Charity donors or prospective donors.

The Guiding Principles are designed to inform and protect donors, potential donors and supporters of a charity from aggressive or even misleading practices by fundraising practitioners. Boards, trustees and senior management are expected to ensure that fundraising activities are conducted at a standard set out in the Guiding Principles.

What types of Fundraising are covered?

All types of fundraising are covered and the code takes into account that organisations are evolving as they adapt to a new regulatory environment.

Conduct of Fundraisers

The Guiding Principles set specific goals for the management of fundraising and for the conduct of fundraisers. This refers to how fundraising is done, who can do it, how fundraisers behave and other matters regarding overall conduct.