Business Plus Accountancy Survey

Business Plus Magazine March 2019

David Gleeson, Managing Partner, took part in the Business Plus 'Ireland's Top Accountants' survey to discuss the factors driving growth and what services are in demand from clients.

RBK is Ireland’s largest independently branded accountancy firm and celebrated 60 years in operation in 2018. The staff count is c.200 people, including 69 qualified accountants and 11 chartered tax advisers. Fee income has grown by over 40% in the past three years to €14.6m.

ACTIVITY 2018 was very positive for RBK, with strong demand for our services, particularly business consulting, corporate finance and taxation services. We continue to grow our client base in the midlands, the west and particularly in Dublin, where we have significantly increased our resources on the ground in our Clonskeagh office. If there is a hard Brexit and Britain leaves the EU without a deal, 2019 will be more challenging. However, with a dedicated business advisory and international tax offering, we are well placed to advise clients who wish to explore or expand their export development and source goods and services abroad.

CLIENTS Access to finance, obtaining advice on how best to structure their business from a commercial and taxation perspective, and recruitment are top of mind of our growth-focused clients at the moment. We have a well-resourced corporate finance team and we provide a robust financial modelling process to help clients. We also provide information on best source of finance, as well as due diligence and transaction support and services. Tax advice continues to be on of RBK’s main service offerings. Likewise, our HR team provides support to our clients in their recruitment of talented employees, particularly those with financial expertise.

BREXIT The principal downside of Brexit uncertainty is the affect it is having in investment decisions being postponed or cancelled. On the flip side, proactive clients have made decisions to look at alternatives in the event of a hard Brexit. These include establishing operations in the UK, looking at alternative logistic solutions and seeking alternative markets. From an accountancy perspective, clients are seeking more assistance from us to help them implement these strategic decisions. This would include advice on how to structure their business, identifying and proactive management of tax risks in foreign jurisdictions and assisting with raising capital and cross-border financing of group entities.

VALUES There are five cornerstone values that capture what we believe is essential in making businesses successful: relationships, integrity, respect, expertise and knowledge, and dedication. When hiring, qualities that we look for include good interpersonal skills, ambition, motivation, enthusiasm, focus, involvement in activities outside of work and studies.

David Gleeson

Managing Partner

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