My First Week in RBK

How did you feel on your first day? 

I felt nervous and excited, nervous because I had previously worked in a top 6 company for a short period and didn’t enjoy my time there very much, and excited because I heard good things about RBK. I knew someone who had previously worked with RBK and they had told me that the work-life balance excellent. They also told me that I would receive training as to how to carry out my day-to-day duties. 

What did you expect? 

To be honest, I expected a very formal place with non-approachable people but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the RBK has a very relaxed environment and everyone is so friendly and helpful, from other trainees all the way up to the partners. 

Did you develop a routine? 

At the start of my first week, I received training on how the whole place works, from how RBK prepares files to the computer systems in place, after this I was gradually introduced to the accounts and audit procedures and given simpler tasks to start with to help me familiarise myself with my new role. My buddy (Mark) kept an eye on my work and answered the 200 questions I had each day! I was the only new trainee in the Roscommon office last year so I also had set jobs such as the postal, shop and bank runs to do daily. 

What is your best memory of this first week? 

My best memory is how friendly and supportive everyone was and how they helped me settle into the office and showed me how to do the work. How do you find the work? I find that, here at RBK, you are working hand in hand with normal business people, from doctors to shopkeepers, all the way to bigger international and group companies. This gives you a great insight into varying business types and as a result the work is interesting and constantly changing. 

What did you learn about yourself and the company? 

I learned that I enjoy being an integral part of a team, dealing with many of our clients on a day-to-day basis. I get a real sense of job satisfaction, from helping local business thrive and succeed from the grassroots all the way to becoming international companies. I’ve found RBK very accommodating and helpful, especially regarding studying for my final exams, have always been very staff-focused, helping staff in any ways possible, for example, if they have tough personal circumstances. It really means a lot to know that you are valued and appreciated within the company. 

What advice could you give students considering a training contract? 

From what I have seen personally I would highly recommend RBK, from the integration side of things into the company and the training and assistance given throughout the training contract. And on top of that, RBK gives the opportunity to progress further up the chain of command to manager and partner level for those who excel in the workplace.

By: Ronan McDonnell