My Internship at RBK

RBK is a great place to start your career. One of RBK’s greatest assets is its people, during my internship to date I’ve had the opportunity to interact on a one to one basis with Partners, Managers, RBK clients and staff at all levels! There is a common goal among all employees to help you learn, develop and progress in your career.

Throughout my internship at RBK I’ve gained a wide variety of experience in different accounting areas such as Accounts & SME’s, Corporate Compliance and Corporate Finance. I’ve primarily worked in Corporate Finance during my time in RBK. Working in this department has allowed me to work with a high profile base of clients. Overall I have been exposed to diverse range of duties involved in a professional accountant’s career. My internship at RBK has motivated me to perform to my greatest potential at third level. Furthermore, I believe that the experience I have gained at RBK has given me the knowledge, skill and ambition to complete my degree and helped me come to the decision pursue a career in accountancy.

By Sean Duigenan