Why I Chose RBK

I chose RBK when looking to pursue my career as an accountant, as it is a company that works to a high professional standard. I felt that by working for RBK I would get exposure to various industries and the opportunity to work across various departments.

RBK is also a growing company, and to be part of the company’s growth and success really made the opportunity of developing my career with RBK very appealing. RBK supports graduates trying to achieve their qualification.

The assistance in terms of study leave and peer support is exceptional, which makes taking and studying for exams not as daunting for graduates. RBK show great appreciation for my work and the experience I get in work has given me a good foundation to help me in passing my exams.

Another brilliant part of RBK is the social club and activities outside of work! The social club helps trainees to settle into a large workplace and get to really know and build relationships with other employees in the company. The club is great for team bonding and helps to make great friends across the three offices, which in turn makes working life a lot more enjoyable.

I found RBK’s recruitment process straightforward and was provided with continuous updates throughout the application process, which made applying for RBK even more attractive.

by Michelle Wong