Work Relations Commission (WRC)

There has been a marked increase in the number of Work Place Relations Inspections (WRC) in the past year. We have had a number of clients selected already and the intention is that all employers will be inspected at some stage to ensure that they are compliant with the various Employments Acts. In particular, Employers need to focus on the following:

  • Minimum rate of pay for 2017 is €9.25 per hour. (Increase to €9.55 1st January 2018) 
  • Bank Holidays - Are your part time employees receiving payment for bank holiday entitlements – all part-time employees are entitled to some element of pay based on the hours they work whether they work the day or not. 
  • Holidays - Are all employees including part timers receiving holiday pay and are there records to prove this. 
  • Timesheets - WRC are requesting that timesheets be in place for employees to sign in and sign out and show that their breaks are taken. Employees must sign the sheets to confirm their hours each week. 
  • Employments Contracts for each employee and kept up to date 
  • Payslips – all employees must receive a payslip each pay period 
  • Employee Register - A list of all employees must be kept with basic information i.e. name, address, PPPs no, start/finish dates etc.

Our HR Solutions Team can audit your business in line with Data Protection, Equality and Employment-related legislation and support you to achieve compliance.

Please contact Helena Kiernan for more information.

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