Importance of Regularly Reviewing Employment Documentation

It is important for all businesses to review their Contracts of Employment, Policies, Procedures and Employee Handbook on an annual basis to ensure that they are up to date and information contained in documents are in line with legislation.

For example, from 1st August, 2015, employees are entitled to accrue annual leave whilst on sick leave. If the business is unaware of this change in legislation and the documentation is not updated in line with this, the business may be exposed to a risk that they are not disclosing the employee’s rights to them.

Therefore we would highly recommend all businesses review their contracts, policies and procedures on an annual basis and amend accordingly in line with any changes in legislation.

The HR Solutions team can review your employee documentation to ensure the information is up to date and relevant.

If you have any more queries on the Importance of Regularly Reviewing Employment Documentation, please get in touch with our HR Solutions team on (090) 648 0600.

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