Brexit Related and SME Measures

Brexit Loan Scheme 

The key response in Budget 2018 to Brexit was the introduction of a new Brexit Loan Scheme. Up to €300 million in loans will be available at competitive rates to SMEs to help them with their short-term working capital needs. The Minister also announced a €25m fund targeted at the development of further Brexit loan schemes for the agri-food sector.

Share-based remuneration regime for SMEs 

The Minister announced plans for a new share based remuneration incentive for unquoted SME companies on Budget day, which is legislated for in the Finance Bill - see separate section "KEEP"

Tax and entrepreneurs 

Regretably, there were no changes to CGT Entrepreneur Relief – the lifetime limit of chargeable gains eligible for the 10% rate remains at €1m.

The 9% VAT rate 

The 9% VAT rate for the hospitality sector is retained.

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