Our Community

At RBK, we take great care not to forget the community that has supported us through our firm’s 60-year history. Our Partners and staff express their appreciation in many ways across the communities where we work and live. Sometimes we provide financial support, sometimes we give our time, expertise or provide compassionate support.

Our activities include:

Charitable donations and fundraising

We organise workplace events such as coffee mornings, themed workdays and individual fundraising to support various charities

Volunteer Work

We work on a voluntary basis with local not-for-profit and community groups to help them achieve their goals

Educational and training opportunities

We provide summer internships, college placements and secondments to support the ongoing development of talent


We provide an equal opportunity workplace and actively welcome and support those with special infrastructure requirements

Sports and local sponsorship

We support sporting clubs and societies in developing their facilities so that they can continue to offer excellent opportunities within their communities


We care about our planet and seek to reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging environmentally friendly initiatives in our workplace

Staff Welfare Programmes

We actively promote healthy eating programmes, team building sporting events and work life balance because caring about our people is one of RBK’s core values

For more information about RBK’s local and community involvement, please contact a member of our team.