Business Software Solutions

Our specialist software team who have varied accounting backgrounds can offer support for a wide range of software applications as well as providing training and support services.


Our experienced team can advise you on a broad range of applications, including:

  • Implementation and/or advice on Accounting and Payroll Software:
    • Accounting Software: Pegasus, Sage, Tas, Exchequer, Big Red Books, Quickbooks etc 
    • Payroll software: Sage Micropay, Quickpay, Thesaurus, Quantum etc 
  • Time Recording and Staff Management Systems – Elephant Smart Business 
  • Point of Sale, Stock and Retail systems

Specialist Advices 

Our team can also advise you on various ways of saving time, improving profitability and ultimately saving money by reviewing your current processes and suggesting recommended ways of automating or integrating with your other systems. 


To get the best from your IT systems, it is essential that your staff are adequately trained. RBK’s experienced team of consultants, who have an accountancy background, can provide training to your team on a significant number of commonly used accounting and payroll software systems. 

Helpdesk Support & Service Contracts 

There are many different scenarios where your business may require IT support. At RBK, we have a dedicated team that works closely with clients to identify and troubleshoot problems and issues from within their systems and ensure a timely resolution of same.

For a confidential discussion on your specific needs, please contact a member of our team.

Team Members

Joey Boland

Business Advisory Partner

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Brenda Lynam

Accounting & Software Solutions Senior Manager

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