Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the term used to describe the system by which an organisation is controlled and directed. It covers issues such as board structure, internal control procedures, the need to safeguard assets, risk management, the establishment of audit committees and the implications of the changes introduced by the Companies Act 2014. It also covers Central Bank regulation and various other sector-specific legislation.

Corporate governance is good for business: it ensures the effective, proper and efficient running of your organisation and supports transparency and accountability. Good corporate governance contributes to improved performance.

At RBK, we believe that good governance systems and reporting structures are a vital part of every business. Our specialist Corporate Governance team will assist you in integrating relevant best practice into your governance and reporting systems.

We work with you to understand your requirements and then carefully match these to provide your Board, Audit Committee and Senior Management with the tools they need to ensure your company is governed effectively.

We make sure that your systems integrate best practice guidance such as Sarbanes Oxley, the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies and the Fitness and Probity Guidelines for Credit Unions.

Our specialist corporate governance team will:

  • Review your Directors Compliance Statements (mandatory for certain companies under Companies Act 2014) to ensure they are aligned with best practice
  • Support your transition to new GAAP – FRS 100/101/102
  • Help you comply with the requirements of iXBRL tagging of financial statements and Corporation Tax returns
  • Set up and review your internal audit function Review and assessment of the risk and compliance function
  • Establish an appropriate governance structure covering your governance charter, internal audit and audit committee to ensure that your Board has an appropriate best practice framework in place

Team Members


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner

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