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The Credit Union sector is currently undergoing fundamental change. In addition to dealing with day to day operations, management and staff face increased regulatory oversight, more onerous reporting requirements, and a greater emphasis on risk management and corporate governance.

At the same time, Credit Unions continue to deal with issues that emerged during the financial crisis such as viability, their business model, governance, management effectiveness and scale.

At RBK, we understand this is a critical time for Credit Unions and our specialist team is here to help. Our specialists combine traditional accountancy expertise with strategic business advice and integrated business solutions. We work with Credit Unions of all sizes and our clients view us as trusted advisers assisting them to meet the current challenges.

Our services include:

Annual Audit: RBK ensures that your credit union’s audit is statutorily compliant and meets the regulator’s requirements.

Independent Review: RBK offers independent reviews of your Credit Union’s loan book, liquidity, post merger review and corporate governance

Internal Audit: RBK provides benchmarking, advisory and outsourced services to improve your internal audit.

Risk and Compliance Reviews: The Credit Union Act imposes obligations regarding financial stability. RBK will assist you in meeting these requirements.

Strategic Assistance: Strategic planning is a legal requirement for Credit Unions. RBK will facilitate your Board to fulfil this legal requirement.

Mergers / Transfer of Engagements: For some Credit Unions, the decision to enter into a merger or transfer of engagements is necessary to secure survival; for others, it is a strategic move to secure growth.

HR and Payroll: RBK provides a range of HR and Payroll support services to help your Credit Union comply with its obligations under employment legislation.

For more information or to discuss your Credit Union’s specific requirements, please contact a member of our team.

Team Members

Colm O'Grady

Audit & Business Advisory Partner

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Cathal Melia

Audit & Business Advisory Partner

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Ronan Kilbane

Audit & Business Advisory Partner

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