Risk Management

All organisations, big and small, public and private, have risks that must be identified and managed.

At RBK our aim is to help you develop an appropriate risk management strategy that supports growth in your business. We do this by asking specific and targeted questions to develop a risk management strategy that works:

  • What are your company’s strategic objectives, risk management philosophy, risk appetite and risk tolerance?
  • How does your management identify strategic, operational, reporting, compliance and other risks?
  • How does management assess risks and how they respond to risks, e.g., avoid, reduce, share or accept?
  • What controls are in place to help ensure management’s risk responses are carried out?
  • How does management monitor these controls?

When your risk management strategy is in place, we then:

  • assist you in implementing your risk register
  • review the controls to mitigate against those risks
  • test the risk management plan to check the controls and make any necessary recommendations for improvement

Proper oversight of risks and opportunities requires an independent perspective. RBK’s specialist risk management team has wide experience working with all kinds of businesses which means we are well placed to help you design, implement and maintain an appropriate, cost-effective risk management solution for your business.

Team Members


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner


Audit & Business Advisory Partner