Business & ERP Consulting

At RBK, our specialist systems consultants provide in-depth advice on how your financial and manufacturing/supply chain systems should be operating in order to improve your business performance and make the best use of your IT.

We provide a wide range of solutions including the following:

  • Business Process Improvement “Lean Consultancy” – identifying areas within a business where existing or new technologies and training or procedural changes could be used to improve business processes, remove duplication, reduce overheads and work towards lean principals; 
  • Operational Process Review and Automation – assisting clients in identifying areas where system integration and automation would save time and money, reduce waste and improve overall profitability;
  • Internal Controls, Approvals and Procedures Development – Developing internal controls and approvals according to best practices in areas such as Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Stock Control, Fixed Asset Registers, Supplier Payments Approvals etc.;
  • System Selection – assisting clients across a wide range of industries in identifying their key requirements for new systems or technologies and working with various vendors to source appropriate systems;
  • Implementation of New Systems – Over 15 years hands-on experience in implementing new ERP systems such as SAP, MS Navision etc.
  • Business Intelligence & Management Reporting – RBK works closely with senior management in companies to identify daily/weekly/monthly information requirements and designing reports/dashboards/report scheduling & automation to fulfill these needs;
  • Project Management – Valuable experience working in a Project Manager capacity, overlooking and taking responsibility for driving technology and process change projects within companies;

Types of clients that benefit from our services:

  • Business owners who want to get the right information at the right time 
  • Businesses with significant growth plans 
  • Funded start-ups or Enterprise Ireland clients 
  • Businesses in changing markets; for example facing the uncertainty of Brexit 
  • Larger manufacturing and distribution companies.

For a confidential discussion on your specific needs, please contact a member of our team.

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Business Advisory Partner

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