Annual Audit

The primary objective of the external audit is to provide an independent opinion on your Credit Union’s financial statements. At RBK, our specialist Credit Union audit team is led by a partner with many years’ experience in the sector. We tailor our audit work to the specific risks of your Credit Union. In this way we can carry out an efficient audit that is statutorily compliant and meets the requirements of the regulator while also assisting you to identify areas for potential improvement.

At the completion of each audit, we meet your Board of Directors to present our audit findings. This is an opportunity to discuss the salient points arising from your audit in a clear and transparent way.

At RBK we appreciate that there is a tight deadline between the 30 September year-end and the date of your AGM. Timing is everything and we operate a stringent timetable to deliver our audit on time. We facilitate interim audits which alleviate year-end pressures while simultaneously allowing us to test your Credit Union’s systems and transactions throughout the year.

For more information or to discuss your Credit Union’s specific needs, please contact a member of our team.