Life in the Roscommon Office

Joining RBK’s Roscommon team as a graduate, I really didn’t know what to expect.

The workload given is very broad, one day you could be preparing a set of accounts, the next you could be working on an internal audit assignment, completing tax returns or going out onsite on an Audit. This is what makes the job so interesting! You are always faced with new challenges, which makes every day a learning day in the office and this helps you gain skills and experience that will stick with you for life.

RBK’s client base reach a variety of industries including Credit Unions, Pharmacies, Construction companies, Retail grocery stores, and so on. Dealing with a diverse range of clients makes the experience a challenging and intriguing one, as you don’t know what to expect from one day to the next.

Throughout my training so far, I have learned that no two businesses operate in the same way, and by realising this develops my skills when dealing with clients. The one thing I like about the office is that you get the chance to work in many areas and you aren’t placed solely in any one area like most accountancy practices out there today. This I think gives the office a competitive edge over others from a trainee’s perspective. Being a part of the Roscommon office will help me progress and gain the experience I need in order to broaden my horizons after my training contract.

The experience so far has been a challenging but worthwhile one, as I’ve gained lasting knowledge from my peers and senior accountants in the office. The atmosphere in the office is warm and welcoming which also aids to the experience. The help and support received is second to none, as everyone in the office is very approachable, which I think makes it easier to learn and ask questions if unsure about any aspect of the job.

Finally, the social aspect of the job is the best. The Sports and Social club organise a mystery tour annually, and this year they spent 3 days in Marbella!! Other events are organised throughout the year including an annual sports day, summer and Christmas night out, and early finish on a Friday before a bank holiday to name but a few.

By Alicia Collins