COVID-19: Innovate Together Charity Fund Deadline

The Department of Rural and Community Development €5m Innovate Together Charity Fund deadline is next Wednesday, 27th May 2020.

‘Innovate Together’ is a collaboration between Government, philanthropists and social innovations. The Fund is supported by a commitment of €5 million from the Department of Rural and Community Development through the support of the Dormant Accounts Fund.

Applicants must come from an entity that has a ‘not for profit’ legal form for example, a charity or voluntary organisation that have either increased, adapted or created a new innovative product/service in response to problems caused by the COVID-19.

  • Closing date for applications is Wednesday, 27 May 2020 at 5pm. 
  • Over the next five months there will be three rounds of the Innovate Together Fund:
    • Round One open call (13th May 2020 – 27th May 2020) 
    • Round Two open call in June 2020 
    • Round Three open call in September 2020

Who can apply?

The Fund will seek applications from projects with a focus on innovative responses to the Covid-19 crisis that will also be part of the “new normal”. : 

  • Enabling online education: providing primary and post-primary school students with access to technology hardware and any other necessary supports. 
  • Youth mental health interventions: delivering services in new ways or offering new types of services (intervention and prevention). 
  • Circular economy: solutions for the efficient re-use and recycling of materials. 
  • Improving food security: increasing independent food production for Ireland and reducing food imports. 
  • New ways of working remotely: our new ways of working are here to stay and innovations are needed to smooth the transition from office to working at home. 
  • Community outreach: finding new ways to reach and support vulnerable and marginalised groups. 
  • Re-skilling our workforce: with the shift in our economy and the potential closure of businesses, there is a need for re-training and re-education of workers. 
  • Physical health: online medical and physical health innovations.

What do successful applications get? 

  • Cash grants starting at €20,000, grants may not be used to pay off debts or purchase vehicles, land or buildings. 
  • A business supports package 
  • A place on an online Accelerator Programme, which will be conducted through webinars 
  • Project performance management

How to apply if meet the conditions:

Apply online:

More information:

How RBK can help:

If you need any further assistance in relation to the Innovate Together Fund, contact Evelyn Smyth, Senior Manager Audit & Business Advisory, on (090) 6480600.