Life in the Athlone Office

Working as part of the Audit team, I work on a variety of clients in sectors such as construction and credit unions over different stages of the year. There’s no such thing as a typical day for a trainee accountant, and luckily it’s not always at the desk. Out at a client site, sometimes at short notice, you get to work with and learn from different people throughout the year.

Coming from an Arts background and mostly working in retail until I joined RBK, I was surprised at the challenges that arise and understanding why the role I play is an essential part of business. In an environment where asking questions is unavoidable, there’s an abundance of support. As a junior, I’m assigned a buddy to guide you at a moment’s notice and will help in more ways than just stealing your stationery.

You could be working on multiple clients per day or find yourself in another department soaking up the rules of tax. Based in the Midlands means clients come from all around the country, small and large, and you may never know what corner of the country you may end up in from one week to the next.

Beneath the waft of coffee, murmurs of nights out, weekends away, the annual sports day, fundraisers and bake sales are planned between the partitions and supported by the company’s social club. In the run up to the holiday season, you will find tubs of chocolates and toffees deployed at every printer awaiting a hungry hand.

The best aspect of life at the office is recognition for your work even at an entry level. This makes everyday a surprise as there is always something to look forward to, such as an early finish on Fridays after making a tough deadline!

By Bryanna Sweeney