RBK Launch International Desk China

RBK are expanding our offering and are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated Chinese desk.

The ties between Ireland and China have grown over the years, with 2019 marking the 40th anniversary of Ireland-China diplomatic relations. Notably in the five years previous trade between the two nations more than doubled with bilateral trade hitting 17 billion in 2019. Chinese Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland also rose 56% in 2019 and estimates at the beginning of the year had forecasted further increases for 2020, prior to the COVID pandemic. This continuing improvement in relations between the two countries was made clear with the establishment in 2018 of the second China Ireland Growth Fund which will provide up to €150 million of capital for investment in high-growth Irish technology firms.

English is the most common foreign language studied in China. With the UK’s impending exit from the European Union (EU), Ireland will become the largest native English speaking member of EU. This provides opportunities for Ireland as a footbridge for Chinese businesses looking to access the EU. Likewise, for Irish businesses seeking to access the Chinese market, local knowledge is critical. At present the Mandarin Chinese language has the most native speakers in the world with estimates of over 900 million native speakers. The ability to communicate and navigate through local accounting and tax regulation is critical. RBK are delighted to launch this dedicated service line, provided by qualified Chartered Accountants. At RBK, we’re by your side.

RBK are a leading firm of Chartered Accountants and Business advisors in Ireland. We are firmly rooted in the Irish market having been in business for in excess of 60 years but we also understand business and what it takes to create a successful business and the importance of culture. We provide a “one stop shop” for business and can bring our years of accountancy, business and taxation experience to you, through our medium of native Mandarin speaking Chartered Accountants and Business advisers.

Visit our International Desk China page to learn more about our dedicated service offering.

How can RBK help?

If you need assistance to avail of any of the above measures or wish to discuss in confidence, please contact us:

  • Sheng Yang, Tax & Business Adviser
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  • Ronan McGivern, International Tax & Business Advisory Partner
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RBK 推出中国国际服务平台



在中国, 英语是很多人学习的一门外语。随着英国即将退出欧盟,爱尔兰将成为欧盟最大的以英语为母语的成员。这给爱尔兰提供了机会,为进入欧盟的中国企业建立了沟通的桥梁。同样,对于寻求进入中国市场的爱尔兰企业来说,本地知识至关重要。目前,普通话是世界上使用人数最多的语言,有超过9亿多人以普通话为母语。通过当地会计和税收法规进行沟通和引导的能力非常重要,RBK很高兴能推出这条由特许会计师提供的普通话服务线。在RBK,我们始终为您提供服务。

RBK是爱尔兰领先的特许会计师事务所和商业顾问公司。我们已经在爱尔兰市场扎根超过60年,但我们也了解商业, 了解创造成功的商业需要什么以及文化的重要性。我们为企业提供“一站式”服务,通过我们以普通话为母语的特许会计师和商业顾问,将我们多年的会计、商业和税务经验分享给您。


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  • 杨盛, 税务&商业顾问
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  • Ronan McGivern, 国际税务&商业顾问合伙人
    电话: +353 1 6440100