Why I Applied for RBK’s Graduate Programme

As a final year Business Studies student, I was considering my careers options and an accounting trainee role was of great interest to me.

As part of my research, I attended the annual careers event in my college, and spoke with a member of RBK’s HR team and an RBK trainee, currently in the process of completing her training and professional exams. She gave me a great insight into the Graduate programme at RBK, highlighting the experience, support and enhanced exam and study leave package!

After speaking with the RBK team, the idea of completing professional exams and working toward an accounting qualification felt more manageable and less daunting for me, and I felt RBK would support me through my training. The team also made me aware of the summer internship opportunities RBK offer, I applied for such an opportunity, and successfully secured an RBK summer placement. During this short period of time, I gained excellent experience and knowledge working in the SME department, assisting trainees and senior staff members in Accounts, VAT, Income tax and more.

It became clear to me that Accountancy was the job for me and a trainee role at RBK would be an excellent way for me to work toward my professional qualification. I decided to complete another year of college, focusing on Accounting modules and applied for RBK’s Graduate programme, I was delighted to secure the role!

I’m back working in the SME department as an RBK trainee, gaining excellent experience on a daily basis in a supportive and friendly environment!

Clare Browne