WRC Code of Practice on Right to Request Flexible / Remote Working

On 7th March 2024, the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) published the long-awaited Code of Practice on the Right to Request Flexible Working and Right to Request Remote Working, which provides guidance for employers and employees on their obligations under the Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 2023.

Remote Working

Under the Act, all employees now have the right to request remote working. Employees must have 6 months continuous employment in order for their approved remote working arrangement to commence. Requests must outline details of the proposed remote working arrangement, the proposed start and end date (if applicable), and the reason for requesting remote working, as well as further details as outlined in the Code of Practice. Requests must be submitted a minimum of 8-weeks before the intended start date, and Employers will have 4-weeks to respond to the request. This can be extended to 8-weeks if required.

Flexible Working

The Act also introduced the right to request flexible working arrangements for caring purposes.

This right is applicable to:

  • An Employee who is a relevant parent of a child and who is or will be providing care to that child
  • An Employee who is or will be providing personal care or support to a ‘relevant person’ as outlined in the legislation and who is in need of significant care or support for a serious medical reason

Requests for flexible working follow a similar process to requests for remote working, with Employees requiring 6 months continuous service and submitting the request 8 weeks before the intended start date.

Employer Policies

Employers will need to ensure existing remote working policies meet the minimum obligations set out in the Act and Code of Practice.

The Code provides guidance to Employers on developing a “Work Life Balance Policy”. It is recommended that existing remote/flexible/hybrid working policies be incorporated under this policy to allow for amendments and additions over time, and to ensure policies are in line with the requirements of the Code.

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