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As the new tax year commences it is a good time to review your payroll and take the appropriate actions to ensure that you are compliant from a Revenue perspective and employee rights perspective. There are a number of payroll related issues to be aware of for 2017 as listed below. If you require any further information please contact the RBK Payroll Solutions team. P35 2016 The P35 deadline is February 15th 2017 extended to 23rd February for filing and paying the liability on-line.

Local Property Tax (LPT)

If employees opted to have their LPT paid via payroll, this will have to be returned on the P35. You should check your tax certificates for 2016 and 2017 to determine if any of your employees have LPT on their certificate. LPT should be deducted from employee’s net pay and paid over to the Revenue Commissioners with the P30 liability.

Tax Certificates for 2017 

The tax certificates for 2017 have now issued to employers. Please check that you have a certificate for all employees. If an employee is exempt from USC on the certificate and you know that their Income for the year will exceed the €13,000 threshold you should advise the employee to contact Revenue and have this changed otherwise they will have an underpayment at the end of the year. 

Notice for Employers and Employees 

MyAccount is a new service on the Revenue website which enables all employees to carry out various tasks online such as changing their tax credits, changing employments, claiming tax refunds etc. The Revenue Commissioners no longer accept paper copies of Forms 12A for new employees. Payroll providers can continue to register employees on line for employers but only if they have a Form P45 from the last employer.

Registering new employees – First Job

Employees with first time employment must now register on-line through the MyAccount option on ROS. They will need:

  • PPS number 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Mobile number / landline 
  • Email Address 
  • Home Address

Instant access will be given to my account if they have:

  • Irish driving license number 
  • Information from P60 
  • Information of assessment or acknowledgement of self assessment

More information on:

Minimum Wage

The Minimum wage is increasing from the 1st January 2017 to €9.25. Please contact us if you require calculations or further information.

Budget 2017

There is no change to standard rate cut off point or tax credits for 2017 however the USC rates have reduced slightly therefore employees will have a little more take home pay in 2017.

Medical Insurance: Bik / Medical Allowance

Providing medical insurance as a benefit in Ireland can be a nightmare for employers as it must be taxed through payroll. The administrative side can be confusing for both employers and employees. In some cases the employees have not claimed their tax credits and employers have not paid over the TRS amount to Revenue. The Revenue Commissioners are currently looking at this and will be following up Employers if amounts are outstanding. An alternative to the Medical Insurance Benefit is to offer a replacement Medical allowance to simplify the process. We have compiled an explanatory note on the tax treatment of medical Insurance for your information and you can contact the Payroll team in RBK for a copy of this document.

If you have any further queries on Payroll Solutions, please contact our Payroll team on (090) 648 0600.

A copy of the HR & Payroll Winter Newsletter can be downloaded here.

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