The introduction of the new PAYE Modernisation program

As many Employers are likely to be aware, Revenue are undertaking a PAYE Modernisation programme transitioning to Real Time Reporting with effect from 1st January 2019. In this regard, we refer to the article below issued by our specialist Payroll department which offers an overview on the proposed changes. The transition to the new system is without doubt one of the biggest changes to tax administration facing employers for many years. Therefore, we would advise that employers use the remaining time this year prior to the effective date to ensure that they are prepared and have the necessary systems in place.

We have set out below a number of practical matters for employers to consideration as part of this preparation:

  • Revenue are issuing correspondences to all employers providing an overview of the process which should be read and there are updates being provided by Revenue in each county during September/October for Employers to attend. It Is advisable for the responsible person within your business to register and attend these briefings.
  • Consider if your current payroll software package is fit for purpose and liaise with your provider in terms of measures/upgrades to take place in support of PAYE Modernisation. To the extent that you do not use a payroll software, Revenue will be preparing specific data entry screens within ROS. It may also be an opportune time to discuss with us if moving to a payroll software provider might be suitable for your business.
  • It will be necessary as part of the process to submit a current list of your employees to ensure the details on your record as an employer are accurate. We advise that you check your ROS home screen for relevant prompts over the coming months, which will include a link to guidance and support in completing the process.

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