World Mental Health Day - 10 October 2023

The objective of World Mental Health Day is to improve knowledge and raise awareness of issues and stigma surrounding mental health. This provides a key opportunity for employers to reinforce their commitment to supporting employee mental health and well-being.

Investing in employee well-being is key to increasing employee engagement, reducing stress and preventing burnout. Mental health related absences from work is a growing challenge, with 18% of Irish employer’s reporting absenteeism due to mental health related reasons, with this increasing up to 40% for larger organisations. However, while 76% agree they have a responsibility to support their employee’s mental health, only 1 in 5 Irish employers have a dedicated mental health budget (Healthy Workplace Ireland, 2023).

Globally, 1 in 8 people live with mental health conditions, which can impact a number of aspects of their lives such as their physical health, their well-being, their social interactions and their work.

For this year’s World Mental Health Day, use the 3 Tips below to help educate employees on your organisation’s approach to mental health, and create a safe environment for individuals who may be struggling with mental health related issues.

1.  Be Open and Willing to Speak to Employees About Mental Health

  • 70% of Irish workers worry that disclosing a mental health issue at work would impact their job and the way they are treated by colleagues and managers. This is why it is critical to create an open environment where individuals feel comfortable talking about their well-being (See Change, 2021)
  • Take time to check in with team members on their wellbeing. If they open up about suffering with their mental health, let them know they are not alone in their struggles.

2.  Educate Employees on the Resources Available to Them

  • According to Mental Health Ireland (2022), 23% of Irish employees feel their companies actually implement or adhere to the mental health policies they had created for the workplace.
  • Compiling a mental health benefits one-pager that outlines all resources available to employees and how to access them if required. If you have an Employee Assistance Programme in place, provide specific details on what is covered.
  • Offering mental health resources and ensuring your workforce are educated on them is a great way to send the message that your company cares about its workers and wants them to be healthy and happy.

3.  Organise a Well-being Event

  • Organising an event around employee well-being such as meditation or a workshop can help contribute to a culture where people feel psychologically safe to talk about their struggles.
  • Wellbeing workshops such as stress management or mental health awareness can help employees to feel supported and cared for, and educate individuals on how to handle the everyday hurdles they may face at work.

For more advice and support on World Mental Health Day, or to discuss our HR services, please contact a member of the RBK HR Solutions Team:

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