Value Acceleration & Exit Planning Program

The Value Acceleration Program begins with long term business, financial and personal goal setting. Once completed, long term goals are broken into 1-year objectives, then 90 day “sprints” and 30-day milestones. We lead the one-on-one discussions with each owner, integrate family members (if appropriate) for personal and financial discussions, as well as lead separate ongoing workshops with key staff responsible for business 30 and 90 day objectives. 

As you begin to build more value into your business through these activities, the multiple you will receive when you choose to sell your business will increase in tandem. 

Benefits of this structured program also include: 

  • Clear accountability and measured results 
  • Long-term strategic initiatives are broken into manageable 90 day chunks (sprints) 
  • Getting employees and management to think like owners 
  • Can be used as an employee development tool 
  • Owner goals are at the centre of the plan

To find out how RBK can help maximise the value of your business, contact Brian Feeney.