Other Measures

  • The Finance Bill introduces the legislation for the “real time” PAYE reporting regime that will take effect from 1 January 2019
  • Measures to give effect to the Multilateral Instrument in Irish law
  • Anti-avoidance measures in respect of interest as a charge relief and legislating for existing Revenue administrative practice in respect of intermediate holding companies
  • Technical amendments to the loss relief rules where a company has claimed relief under the Knowledge Development box (KDB)
  • Technical amendments to the taxation of life assurance products, IREFs and s110 companies
  • Changes to stamp duty relieving provisions to facilitate mergers and restructures as permitted under Companies Act 2014
  • Amendments to certain anti-avoidance provisions in relation to transfer of assets aboard/offshore assets/trusts to ensure alignment with EU law.
  • Anti-avoidance and s626B participation exemption. The s626B exemption currently does not apply where shares derive their value from Irish land or buildings; the anti-avoidance measure is designed to ensure that money or other assets cannot be transferred into a company prior to sale to bring the disposal within s626B.

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