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About RBK

RBK is a leading accounting and business advisory firm in Ireland with offices across the country. RBK provides a wide range of accountancy services to both companies and private individuals. We are Ireland’s largest independently branded accountancy firm and have been helping domestic and international business and individuals for over 60 years.

Why RBK?

Whether you are running your own business in Ireland, an employee of an international corporation, or moving to Ireland to find a new job or set up a new business – we are here to help. Understanding Irish tax systems and Irish laws can be complicated, especially in a foreign language. We can help you to achieve your business and financial goals by providing advice in an easy to understand manner through your native language.

Our Specialist Services

We offer a wide range of services which will minimise tax liabilities whilst ensuring full compliance. RBK provides a wide a range of services and can act as your one stop shop for all the services you or your business needs.

We can help you with the following and a lot more:

Self-employed Individuals:

Whether you are just thinking of opening your own business or are running one already, we can assist you along every step from preparation of necessary documentation and general tax compliance, to advising on complicated tax matters. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Business registration 
  • Tax returns for self-employed 
  • VAT returns 
  • Tax advice on how to ensure compliance, while minimising your tax liability 
  • Ongoing tax advice in relation to tax reliefs, credits, and expenses you can claim to reduce your tax liability
  • HR solutions
  • Payroll 
  • Accounting solutions 
  • Business strategy advice 
  • Advice in relation to government grants and funding 
  • Assistance with raising funds 
  • Effective planning of the business structure (sole-trader, partnership, transfer of business to a company)


If you are looking to expand your business abroad or are entering the Irish market for the first time, we are here to help with all your business needs and below are just a few examples of what we can assist you with:

  • Company formation 
  • Company registration 
  • Preparation of company statutory accounts 
  • Management accounts 
  • Filing of the Annual Return and Accounts with the Companies Registration Office 
  • Ongoing tax advice in relation to tax reliefs, credits, and expenses you can claim to reduce your tax liability 
  • Directors tax returns 
  • Tax compliance: Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, RCT, EORI, VAT MOSS 
  • Payroll, Bookkeeping, HR Solution, Accounting Software Solutions 
  • Business strategy advisory services 
  • Effective planning around corporate structure to maximise finances and minimise tax liability  
  • Looking after general Company Secretarial matters 
  • Assistance in setting up a business in Ireland for non-EEA nationals (Start-up Entrepreneur Programme and Immigrant Investor Programme)

Private individuals

If you have been transferred to Ireland within your organisation, there might be valuable tax reliefs available to you. If you worked in two different countries during the year you may have been taxed in both of them, in this case you may be entitled to a tax refund. Setting up a pension is a very tax efficient way of saving and planning your future finances, we can advise on the best options available considering international issues. If you are due to receive a cash gift from someone in another country advice should be sought to ensure you are aware of the most tax efficient way to accept it. There is a number of tax considerations and tax reliefs available to you if you are moving back to your home country. If you are thinking of making a will, it is important to know the tax consequences of what you are proposing prior to putting pen to paper to ensure the most tax efficient options are considered. We can help you with any of the above scenarios.

Please contact us to enquire further about any of our services:

  • Estate Planning 
  • Efficient planning of passing on and receiving assets within Ireland and from/to abroad 
  • Taxation of gifts and Inheritance 
  • Claiming tax back from doubly taxed income in two different countries 
  • Wealth management 
  • Pension planning and structuring 
  • Rental income and investment income taxation 
  • Relocation services and tax consequences associated with the relocation 
  • PPSN application and registering for tax in Ireland 
  • Declaring foreign income in Ireland 
  • Income tax returns 
  • Claiming tax refund

International Alliance

RBK is the only Irish member of LEA Global (Leading Edge Alliance), an international alliance of 220 professional firms providing accounting, financial and business advisory services.

The combined strength of LEA Global firms is a powerhouse of expertise that benefits you and your business. Our international affiliation enables us to support your business’s global expansion by providing you with local access to expertise in some 106 countries around the world.

Through our membership of LEA Global, RBK is also a firm of choice for inbound companies setting up in Ireland. Visit:

Doing Business in Ireland

The RBK Doing Business in Ireland Guide 2020 has been updated to incorporate new measures introduced in Finance Act 2019.

Download a copy of our latest Doing Business in Ireland Guide here.

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