HR Compliance

The main question we ask businesses is are you Compliant from an employment law and HR perspective? It can be a challenging task ensuring you are compliant with Employment Legislation. 

A HR Audit ensures that you have the relevant HR documentation, policies and procedures in place to ensure that you are compliant from a Legislation and Best Practice perspective. 

We conduct risk assessments of potential compliance gaps and assist in developing priorities and roadmaps for areas of improvement and future initiatives and monitor progress on recommendations following these audits.

Our HR Audit Options include:

  • HR Health Check Audit - Ensures compliance with Employment Legislation & WRC inspections 
  • HR Compliance Audit - Ensure compliance with Employment Legislation & HR Best Practice 
  • HR Due Diligence - Deep Dive – Mergers & Acquisitions/TUPE

Working with HR Solutions will give you peace of mind that your business has followed Employment Law and HR Best Practice and that your business is protected.

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HR Solutions Manager

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