We thought it would be useful to share with you, the significant HR matters to consider in dealing with this Pandemic.

  • Review and update HR policies around remote working, use of conferencing facilities, maintaining appropriate member confidentiality and data protection and ensuring that there is appropriate communication with the office. 
  • Consider Health & Safety aspects for staff working in the office; i.e. physical distancing, staggered breaks, rotation of back office and counter staff. Ensure that there is an adequate risk assessment of the working environment completed. 
  • Consider key person dependency and splitting the management team so that normal operations can continue in the worse case scenario 
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate – would expect communications to staff to be done two/three times a week outlining various changes being made, response to HSE guidelines, remote working, member service changes etc. Increased empathy and support required with staff at this very anxious time and creating a team spirit to dealing with this pandemic
  • Apply for the wage subsidy if the projected income is due to fall by more than 25%
  • Consider the need to get professional HR support

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