Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number (‘EORI’)

An EORI number is a unique identification number, which is valid throughout the EU, used by traders to interact with EU customs agencies. A trader who imports goods from, or exports goods to, the EU, is required to hold a valid EORI number on making a declaration to Customs officials.

The EORI system was introduced in 2009 throughout the EU and the Revenue Commissioners have aligned new EORI numbers to existing VAT numbers. In this regard, your business may already have an existing EORI number but the Revenue Commissioners may now align your EORI number to your existing VAT number upon EORI registration.

Recently, the Revenue Commissioners issued guidance to Irish businesses that trade with UK based businesses, recommending them to obtain an EORI as soon as possible in order to comply with customs requirements in the event of a no-deal/hard Brexit.

From a supply chain management perspective, an EORI number is crucial in order to reduce the potential delays at Irish ports on imported goods from, and exported goods to, the UK.

An EORI number is obtained by applying to the Irish Revenue Commissioners and the number will be entered on an EU EORI database where any economic operator can check to validate that the EORI number exists. Further consent is required for this database to publish the business’ name and address.

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