Business Valuation

There are many different situations where you may wish to obtain a valuation of your business or a commercial asset.

You may be:

  • Planning and evaluating a business acquisition or disposal
  • Raising finance for a management buy-out
  • Engaging in shareholder restructuring or corporate reorganisation
  • Succession planning
  • Involved in a dispute such as a marital dispute or litigation

Alternatively, you may require a valuation for tax purposes or to meet financial reporting requirements.

At RBK, our broad sectoral experience coupled with insights from our international network’s private company transaction database allows us to bring a practical and market focused approach to every valuation we complete.

Whether we are valuing an entire business or an individual stakeholding, our valuations are based on:

  • Understanding the business operations and performance
  • Determining the appropriate valuation methodology
  • Researching and evaluating the industry sector and benchmarking against industry peers and recent transactions to determine the appropriate valuation measures
  • Analysing historic and future profitability trends

Business valuation is a complex and subjective process. Industry, market, funding, and even personal factors can affect the valuation.

By combining our experience and expertise with commercial insights, RBK provides valuations that are independent, credible and supportable.

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