Mergers & Acquisitions

A well-planned and executed merger or acquisition can enhance your business’s profitability faster than organic growth.

While careful planning and identification of targets that meet your business’s strategic objectives is the best approach, fast moving markets sometimes present unexpected opportunities that need to be evaluated quickly.

RBK’s Corporate Finance team works with Irish and overseas companies who are seeking to accelerate their growth by merger or acquisition. Our direct advice, support and process management focuses on the transaction while recognising the importance of maintaining the continuing operations of your existing business.

Our experienced Mergers & Acquisitions team will:

  • Develop or review your strategic acquisition plan
  • Determine your acquisition criteria and identify potential targets
  • Assess potential targets through financial, operational and market information
  • Consider valuation parameters, funding options and return on investment
  • Approach and negotiate with your chosen target
  • Advise on deal structuring options and payment structures
  • Provide innovative solutions to obstacles throughout the transaction
  • Support you in achieving successful completion and integration

If you are considering an acquisition or merger for your business, talk to our Corporate Finance team for more information about these services.

Team Members

Chris Ball

Corporate Finance Partner

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Aidan Heavey

Corporate Finance Director

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Jennifer Brennan

Corporate Finance Director

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Tom Donohue


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