Selling your Business

When you are considering selling your business, timing is everything. Market conditions can add significant value but, equally, they can hinder achieving the optimum price. Good planning is essential if you are to be ready to sell at the right time.

RBK’s Corporate Finance team will:

  • Evaluate your business and the industry it operates in to assess its saleability and establish the value parameters in the market
  • Understand the unique aspects and key strengths of your business that will attract buyers
  • Identify and assess potential buyers while maintaining and protecting confidentiality
  • Present your business to the market in a professional manner
  • Manage your due diligence processes
  • Advise on negotiation of terms with multiple parties beyond just the price
  • Provide project management including liaising with all relevant parties to the transaction so that momentum is maintained
  • Select the most suitable buyer on the best terms
  • Execute the deal within pre-defined time limits

Timely planning is the key to success. Before you sell your business, talk to our specialists about how to maximise your return on investment.

Team Members

Chris Ball

Corporate Finance Partner

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Aidan Heavey

Corporate Finance Director

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Tom Donohue


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