The Treasury Hub

In June 2018, RBK collaborated with Treasury Solutions to announce a new service offering “The Treasury Hub”, combining the experience and expertise of both our firms and three other advisory firms nationwide.

Treasury Solutions has been operating for 18 years offering a premium quality treasury advisory service to the medium and large corporate market.

The new service will provide clients of RBK with access to the technical knowledge and financial market intelligence of Treasury Solutions to enable them to offer new products and services to their clients and to deal with the impact on interest rates, foreign exchange and the banking market in general that will inevitably emanate from Brexit, geo-political developments, etc.

The services to be provided via The Treasury Hub include:

  • Debt funding by banks 
  • Debt funding by non-banks 
  • Interest rate risk management 
  • Foreign exchange management 
  • Liquidity management 
  • Cash management 
  • Ad hoc treasury issues 

The provision of the range and quality of these services under The Treasury Hub effectively brings additional expertise to the existing service offering provided to the clients of RBK bringing them an enhanced treasury management solution.

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