Transaction Support

Whether you are buying, selling or merging your business, due diligence is an important part of the deal making process.

RBK’s Corporate Finance team provides due diligence and transaction support services that include:

  • Commercial due diligence: this involves assessment of industry specific factors such as key drivers, growth rates, future growth prospects, competitor and customer reviews. 
  • Financial due diligence: this involves a detailed examination of the financial accounts of a business. 
  • Operational due diligence: this involves a thorough analysis of the day to day activities of the business. 
  • Tax due diligence: this involves a thorough analysis of past liabilities, present and potential future tax risks.

Advantages of Due Diligence

For purchasers, a due diligence report can uncover previously unidentified issues, risk, costs etc and highlights potential deal breakers improving acquisition decision-making.

For vendors, due diligence at an early stage in the disposal process minimises the risk of price reductions later. A due diligence report provides a clear, independent perspective on your business which may also attract potential purchasers.

Key Elements of Due Diligence

When carrying out a due diligence assignment, our Corporate Finance team will:

  • Critically review the business under investigation from a number of perspectives
  • Identify any potential issues / deal breakers at the earliest opportunity
  • Give our point of view on key issues
  • Address your key questions and concerns
  • Provide assurance on the quality of the target business.

We take a flexible approach to our transaction support services and tailor our services to meet your individual business requirements.

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